Next to growing and researching we’ll also provide clones for wholesale, adding an additional revenue stream to our portfolio. There’s a huge demand for strong clones with identical DNA, which makes the growing and selling of pharmaceutical cannabis easier. Macedonia has 70 active licenses for growing, of which 20 are indoors. The remaining 50 are outdoor facilities that won’t qualify for a EU-GMP certification, since it’s impossible to control outdoor factors. This means the competition is low when it comes to EU-GMP certified yields, making it interesting for us to provide strong clones with our 850 mothers inhouse, worth a production of 8000 clones a week. 


We’ve explored the best and most sustainable way to clone. Our test results with tissue cloning show poorer results. Indicating a less sustainable and more time consuming process. Consequently, we’ll work with cuttings from strong mothers to grow clones suitable for soil, coco and rockwool. The strongly rooted clones are grown for 14 days, before being ready for trade. Thanks to the biological protection in cooperation with Koppert, the yields are GACP/EU-GMP qualified.