Vevcani Cannabis Factory

Vevcani’s Cannabis Factory will be on 3000 m2, from which 1000 m2 manufacturing space. The factory will be directly supplied with water from natural springs located nearby, which will increase the quality of the cannabis produced. Medical Cannabis will be produced using high tech implemented hydroponic system. The clean rooms build according to ISO and EU-GMP standards, annually will produce more than 20 000 plants and almost 150 000 clones. Quality control will be made in state-of-the-art labs. The factory will have cutting-edge technology to achieve highly controlled conditions, temperature, light, humidity, and ventilation (HVAC) for all processes, from growing to harvesting, extraction, and warehousing. The factory will have a team of scientists that will bring innovative products to the cannabis market. In the second phase, The factory will be scale to produce more than 13 000 plants and more 300 000 clones per year, on the second floor, if additional space is built (from 3000 m2 base) the factory will be 9 times bigger than its maximum capacity.

The Rooms

We have 19 rooms of 143m2

We have 19 growing areas of 125 square meters. One of them is for our mother plants, the 18 others are all for production. These more than 2300 m2 make us one of the biggest cannabis producers of Northern Macedonia, and probably in Europe.

This in combination with our extraction facilities and laboratories, make us a serious player at the world wide market. All rooms are equipped with the latest technology and gives control over the complete harvest cycle’s. The whole growing period is done by GACP standards and post harvest even due to EuGMP.

One of the first eco friendly pharmaceutical facilities ever build!