The discovery of the medicinal power of cannabis is old, but the legalization for medical use is relatively new. This opens up a world of possibilities in terms of refining our flower and exploring its potential. We’ll have two labs in our facility that serve those purposes.

Microbiology lab

The first step in improving our product for people and the planet is by embracing natural techniques that help shape a healthier and tastier product that’s GMO-free (does not include genetically modified organisms). Our microbiology lab is set up to find microbiological contaminants. Controlling this is essential when intended for medical purposes. The Microbiology lab will be equipped in accordance with ISO, GMP and EU-GMP standards. Here we will conduct daily tests to follow and control the biological processes. All for a fruitful harvest, maximum output and of course a healthy customer. 

Physical Chemistry Lab

Next to refining our core product, we’re invested in exploring the new potential working purposes of pharmaceutical cannabis. With our inhouse physical chemistry lab we’ll analyze, develop and refine the working purposes of each strain and sort. Currently 90% of our research is based on THC and CBD, but in total there are over 200 terpenes (flavors) and about 60 cannabinoids (like CBD and THC). Just imagine how many combinations can be made and how much knowledge there’s still left to gain.