Our story

Where we are

We’re witnessing a new era. A historical shift in global prohibition policy on cannabis. 

After a 50 year ban, medicinal cannabis has been approved again in many countries worldwide. FlowerPower is at the forefront of that change. An opportunity to create the best possible product for both people and the planet. 

It’s evident that growing in a high-technology facility is way more efficient than growing outdoors. This method offers vastly more yield from the same m2, while using less precious natural resources. Compared to outside farming, we’ve eliminated the influence of previous yields, insects or weather circumstances. All this to ensure maximum results. 

Where we’re heading

Over the next five years, we will increase our production with high tech state-of-the-art cultivation techniques, in a clean room environment with secure processes. Firstly offering biomass and organic raw materials for extraction to national pharmaceutical companies, then implementing our own extraction plan with the EU-GMP/GACP certified facility.  


The 2000 m2 main hall will be converted into a EU-GMP/GACP certified facility. The building will be fully insulated with state of the art materials and set up to produce more than 70.000 plants and 400.000 clones annually. We’re heavily invested in cutting-edge technology to achieve highly controlled conditions, temperature, light, humidity, and ventilation (HVAC) for all processes, from growing to harvesting, extraction, and warehousing. The roof of 6,5m high enables a two story construction and 3000 m2 cultivation area. The size of the factory and the permit to expand with another 1000 m2 allows our business to scale in an agile and cost efficient way.