The Team


Matthieu van der Born, CEO at FlowerPower

With his deep understanding of the market and a network across Europe, FlowerPower is the next big step. Before founding FlowerPower Matthieu has been working in Macedonia and got familiar with the laws, the ways of working and the kindness of the local residents. Together with a professional team Matthieu is committed to showing the world the positive healing purposes of cannabis and finding strong allies to grow the FlowerPower movements into the most sustainable one globally.

Stevche Gjorshoski, COO at FlowerPower

With over a decade of experience in biotech engineering for the cannabis and food-processing industry, Stevche is specialized in leading teams from product research towards testing and development. With his outstanding research skills, comprehensive knowledge of safety standards, EU standards and latest tech developments he maintains a thorough grasp of industry trends on a local and global level. His extensive expert knowledge makes him an outstanding partner to build the greenest, biggest and most professional facility in Europe and beyond. 

Jovica Leshoski, Head of Science at FlowerPower

PhD candidate and scientist Jovica has built over a decade of experience in setting up industrial and medical labs for both the private and public sector. His knowledge runs from startups to greenfield and brownfield companies, while setting up an efficient workflow. His expertise lies in cannabis QC, cannabis oil extraction, microbiology, algae biotechnology, genetics and molecular biology. Together with his wide local network he will grow FlowerPower into the finest product from farm to pharmacy.

Join us!

Would you like to join our team? As our business is growing, we’ve a couple of job openings. Are you the next production manager, security guard, cleaner or builder? Reach out to us by filling out the form below and specify your motivation and skills. Thank you for your interest in joining our growing movement, we’ll be in touch with you soon.