The factory

Green energy

The electrical energy is completely supplied by a new photovoltaic system by market leader Sungrow. The highly efficient solar panels cover the entire roof with a peak output of 1.5 megawatts. The panels are able to provide 80% of our needs in summer and 50% in winter. We’re thriving towards 100% climate neutral energy, so we’re heavily invested in smart technologies and companies that allow us to generate our own clean energy. 


LED is the future, but currently there’s still room for improvement. From experience we know LED isn’t strong enough yet to be cost efficient. Therefore we’ll work with HPS lights while following the development of LED, as it’s moving quickly. We’ll keep a decent testing room to follow the market and implement the newest innovation in energy-saving LED when proven efficient. 

Climate control

We’ve been working with Opti climate systems for over a decade. With its relatively low energy use, Opti climate offers the best solution on the market. To ensure production at all times 18 separate rooms will be set up to run on a decentralized climate control system. The facility is located at the North side of the mountain, which lowers the average temperature with 5 degrees. This is helpful when cooling our growing rooms during the summer season. The Opti climate-system is connected to the nearby mountain spring for water supply and is an all-in-one solution for ideal climate control. 

Irrigation and fertilization

We prioritize an eco-friendly product at low costs, so we’ve selected our own fertilizers. These are better balanced and priced than pre-mixed fertilizers from industry brands. Combined with an advanced irrigation system, we will deliver nutrients to our flowers in an efficient manner. The irrigation system will fertilize evenly and without waste to achieve maximum yields. We’ll make sure the process is more economical than traditional methods, by having full control over the equipped rooms through our app and web system. In contrast to outside farming, the flowers in our facility are not exposed to insects, weather conditions or previous yields. We fully sanitize and restore the rooms after each yield to ensure stable and cost efficient results.